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Mineral Resource Management

Mineral Resource Management

AGP's team of professionals provides advice and quality services for drafting resource extraction contracts, supports negotiations with government agencies and provides litigation representation for extraction companies.

The firm's lawyers conduct due diligence of minerals developers and audit their compliance with laws and the terms of licence agreements and advise clients on taxation. .

With their specialist knowledge and many years of hands-on experience in applying it, AGP's experts offer its clients quality services, assess and neutralize risks, as well as assist in brokering contracts and deals to mine precious metals and minerals.

AGP lawyers advise clients on the following matters:

  • Exploration and field development
  • Licensing
  • Bidding in tenders and auctions
  • Efficient use of natural resources and the environment (including environmental compliance monitoring and environmental liability)
  • Government relations
  • Assignment of minerals licence
  • Field infrastructure development
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