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In the situations where a business is facing the threat of bankruptcy, what the business owners and managers urgently need is reliable legal support, appropriate strategy of conduct, swift reaction and prevention of potential risks.

AGP attorneys handle high-profile bankruptcy proceedings of credit institutions, manufacturers and holding companies. Our lawyers have knowledge of the specifics of various sectors, from real property and manufacturing to retail and TMT. The leveraged experience of the firm’s departments allows us to offer best solutions to a wide spectrum of tasks, from comprehensive support in bankruptcy proceedings to resolution of specific unconventional legal issues arising in separate disputes among the parties to bankruptcy proceedings.

We have gained solid experience seeing through very complicated sensitive disputes over secondary liability and invalidation of transactions within the context of bankruptcy. During the recent years we successfully completed a number of high-profile proceedings in which we defended our clients against secondary liability claims.

We can protect and represent interests of any parties to bankruptcy proceedings, including creditors in bankruptcy, trustees in bankruptcy, managers and owners of bankrupt companies.

AGP’s bankruptcy law services are recommended by IFLR1000 rankings.

AGP’s bankruptcy law services include:

  • Development of strategy and tactics for bankruptcy proceedings and line of conduct in the proceedings, according to the client’s needs
  • Legal analysis of business operations and advice on mitigation of risks of contesting deals and secondary liability claims in the context of bankruptcy proceedings
  • Protection of creditors, managers and beneficiaries of bankrupt companies in legal disputes over secondary liability/recovery of damages
  • Contesting deals or defending against del invalidation claims in bankruptcy proceedings
  • Legal support for inclusion on the register of creditors, defense against claims of unfair parties involved in bankruptcy proceedings
  • Representation of creditors in dealings with a trustee in bankruptcy
  • Contesting unlawful actions of trustees in bankruptcy and debtor’s invalid deals
  • Representation of clients in bankruptcy proceedings in respect of individuals
  • Advice on various matters of bankruptcy law
Practice Professionals
Alexey Gorodissky
Alexey Gorodissky
Partner | Attorney | RF Patent Attorney
Valentin Moiseev
Valentin Moiseev
Partner | Attorney | PhD (Law)
Practice Representation
Secondary liability
Successful defense of the former general director of a debtor company against the claim for secondary liability for the transactions made before the debtor was declared bankrupt.
Bankruptcy law consultancy (bankruptcy planning)
Advice to a famous European automaker on comprehensive support in bankruptcy proceedings against its counterpart and liability of individual sureties for debt of the bankrupt company.
Bankruptcy law consultancy (bankruptcy planning)
Strategic advice to the client’s managers on secondary liability for a bankrupt company (development of defense of the managers in case of bankruptcy proceedings against the company).
Bankruptcy law consultancy (bankruptcy planning)
Strategic advice on risks of imposition of secondary liability on management of a manufacturing holding company with over 10 plants by the new owner after the completion of sale of the holding.
Entering bankruptcy proceedings pursuant to a foreign legal judgment
Enforcement of three judgments (on inclusion in the creditor claim register) of the London International Arbitration Court issued in favor of a foreign lessor in the context of bankruptcy proceedings against a Russian air carrier (total amount around USD 12 mln).