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Smelting & Mining

Smelting & Mining

AGP has been serving businesses in the smelting and mining industry for over 10 years. The firm's services include advice and representation for major smelters in issues affecting their operations within Russia and abroad.

The expertise developed over many years of serving industry majors gives the section's lawyers an intimate understanding of the commercial and legal aspects of the sector's operations.

The section's lawyers provide advice on finance leasing and export financing, support corporate transactions and ensure regulatory compliance. Experts conduct a review of the clients' legal compliance, support the implementation of capacity upgrading projects.

AGP's service package also includes:

  • securities offering structuring and paperwork
  • facilitation of initial public offerings
  • support for expert transactions and public tendering
  • international JV and M&A negotiations
  • title search and due diligence
  • vcompetition compliance and international trade advice
  • drafting of concentration approvals
  • negotiation to finalize project financing arrangements and other financial arrangements
  • mediation and litigation representation
  • advice on regulatory and compliance issues relating to licensing and license renewals
  • negotiation to finalize resource extraction contracts etc.

Also, AGP lawyers produce paperwork for clients to bid in various tenders and auctions, and provide litigation representation.

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