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Our Vision


Who are we?

The Law Firm of Andrey Gorodissky and Partners was founded in 1992 by lawyers who by that time had already gained extensive experience by working for various government agencies and central regulatory and administrative authorities, both in and outside Russia.

Over 25 years of being on the scene we have earned an impeccable reputation. To date we boast more than 500 clients – mostly major companies in Russia, the USA, Western Europe and South-East Asia.

We take special pride in our team, which saw the establishment of the firm and is still in place. It’s happening due to our unique capability to communicate within the firm. Our esprit de corps is the key to forging and nurturing long-term relationships with our clients.

At the same time, AGP's team is getting younger all the time through infusions of new blood. On the legal scene we are considered a unique school for strong lawyers, where they gain valuable experience.

Our expertise

We advise corporate and private clients in key branches of law affecting their business operations in Russia and elsewhere. Our lawyers have comprehensive expertise in contexts such as metallurgy, automaking, IT, construction, pharmaceutics, food, commerce and consumer goods. We have had a large share of the market in all of our areas of focus from intellectual property to employment and labour law for many years now. Our firm has internal resources to make sure your issue gets maximum attention and maximum legal expertise.

Our skills

Throughout our 25-year history, we have successfully demonstrated that we know how to be reliable service providers, capable of solving the client's problems. If the client's legal problem is within our control, we will make it go away. Should the problem prove unsolvable, our team will find a way to turn it to the client's advantage.

In providing legal services, we do not have tunnel vision, but look at the problem from different angles, bringing in lawyers from various disciplines to work on the project. The breadth of their outlook and depth of expertise give a full picture of the risks involved.

We provide an in-house environment that enables lawyers to be creative and think outside the box in tackling problems, thus encouraging them to introduce new paradigms. Our role in the client's business is that of an adviser, and we deliver clear and easy-to-understand advice.

Our hallmarks

Our main distinctive feature is that we take responsibility for the legal solution offered to the client and lay solid groundwork for the business decision to be made by the client. Total reliability is our key quality because band-aids are unacceptable, and is part of our philosophy.

In providing legal services, we take special care of the problem of each of our clients and we keep in constant touch with those we advise. This is part of our communications culture and loyalty policy.

IT is a major area of focus for us, and we implement new solutions on a regular basis, consolidating the work products of AGP lawyers into a practicably applicable knowledge base.


AGP's reputation in the legal services market is due to the fact that we always go the extra mile for the client: we provide the added value of our know-how, experience and scrutiny.

Always perfectly reliable, our team has never disappointed a client, even when operating under severe project or litigation environment. We are valued for our total commitment, fast response and custom solutions that we deliver.

AGP's clients are never left in any doubt as to the nature of their problem that they bring to us or any aspect of their relationships with us. Whatever solutions we offer to the client are always above-board.


We adhere to the gold standards of legal ethics, which are rooted in the history and traditions of Russian advocacy, as well as being embraced by the legal profession in the US and Western Europe. These principles and rules are enshrined in our partnership agreement.

The relations between AGP's partners are effectively governed by the lockstep model, which is predicated on the following principles:
  • teamwork in client service;
  • flexible project management;
  • clear-cut specialization of lawyers;

This philosophy ensures coherence and partner loyalty within our firm, which ultimately maximizes performance.

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