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Construction & Real Estate

Construction & Real Estate

Given its experience, professional resources and intimate knowledge of the market and sectoral context, the firm can bring the most complex of property developments to a successful conclusion.

The section's track record includes legal structuring of major deals to build factories, remodel buildings, purchase and sell land plots and other real property.

Geographically, the projects involve various properties in and outside Russia, with value of some of them reaching as much as USD2,000,000,000. Skilled and experienced as they are, AGP lawyers are in a position to give solid legal recommendations regarding real property investments, mitigate financial exposure, and efficiently litigate for the client if necessary.

Our firm's clients can also expect a high level of service in the following matters:

  • Drafting of the entire package of contractual documents (investment contracts, general contractor contracts, engineering contracts, residential and industrial utility installation contracts), including FIDIC forms
  • Advice on property development, improvement, acquisition and sale, including design, construction, remodelling, lease, mortgage, easements, buildings and businesses (assets)
  • Negotiation over complex construction projects
  • Development of financing schemes and legal structuring of projects involving property developments and acquisitions
  • Creating legal framework for relationships between construction project operators and investors
  • Due diligence on real property
  • Full-service support for sales, purchases and leases of retail, office and residential properties, including suburban estates, both in Moscow and elsewhere in Russia
  • Legal support for farmland deals(deals involving farmland allotments, farmland allocation as per entitlement, farmland purchase, leasing and rezoning)
  • Legal support for dealing with government agencies when obtaining titles to buildings and land in and around Moscow
  • Legal assistance in deed and title registration
  • Pre-action settlement procedures
  • Defence of title and other real property interests before court
  • Representation before Russian courts in all matters of land, construction, real property and privatization laws
Industry Professionals
Marina Abramova
Marina Abramova
Partner | Attorney
Olga Glazkova
Olga Glazkova
Partner | Attorney
Irina Orlova
Irina Orlova
Partner | Attorney
Industry Representation
Comprehensive legal support in the construction of a confectionary factory in the Vladimir Region with the investment volume of more than €200 million.
Agricultural producer
Advising the client and preparing documentation for acquisition of rights to agricultural lands in the Voronezh, Orel and Tula Regions, totaling more than 20 thousand hectares in aggregate.
Major institutional investor
Representing the investor during reconstruction of Moscow’s biggest hotel (project valued at $1.5 billion).
Major institutional investor
Ownership structuring, developing a financing plan, and representing the client during a project to build real estate at Moscow City business area (project valued at roughly $1 billion).
Foreign retailer
Due diligence on real estate assets of a large food retail network (over 300 stores) in connection with the foreign retailer’s purchase of the network.