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Dmitry Yakushev

Dmitry Yakushev


Areas of practice:

Dispute Resolution/ International Arbitration

Dmitry specializes in full-scale legal support of bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings as well as resolution of unconventional, specific disputes among parties to insolvency proceedings or disputes relating to creditor claim determination or challenging the outcome of creditor meetings or removal of appointed trustees in bankruptcy or recovery of damages in bankruptcy.

Dmitry’s special focus is on claims for secondary liability or invalidation of deals in bankruptcy proceedings, as well as claims for invalidation of deals outside bankruptcy proceedings. He successfully defended clients in a number of such high-profile disputes.

Dmitry is also an experienced litigator lawyer successfully representing creditors and court-appointed receivers, including the Deposit Insurance Agency, in bankruptcy proceedings involving claims for invalidation of deals.

In bankruptcy of lending institutions and property developers, Dmitry has vast experience representing in court various groups of creditors: depositors, unit holders, debtor counterparties as well as court-appointed receivers.

He also advises businessmen and corporate managers on personal bankruptcy and represents them in court.

Apart from bankruptcy matters, Dmitry represents companies in a broad spectrum of commercial disputes. In particular, he has solid hands-on experience representing parties to construction disputes relating to termination of construction contracts or determination of work performed or recovery of security deposit or unearned advance payment or damages under replacement transactions.

Dmitry’s track record also includes handling securities disputes, corporate disputes, defamation disputes, and defense of companies or managers against administrative liability claims.

Dmitry is a member of the Moscow Bar Association.

Practice of law:

  • Andrey Gorodissky & Partners (since 2018)
  • RCT law firm (2017 – 2018)
  • Law & Tax law firm (2015 – 2017)
  • Antanta law firm (2013 – 2015)


  • M-Logos Law School: professional upgrading certificate “Bankruptcy of legal entities and individuals: analysis of recent legislative novelties and enforcement practice” (2019)
  • Alexander Geishtor Humanitarian Academy (Republic of Poland), Master’s Degree course (2011 – 2013)
  • Moscow Academy of Economics and Law (2011)


  • Kommersant

Language skills:

  • English


Bankruptcy proceedings against a property developer

Defense of the former general director of a Moscow developer’ managing company against creditors’ claim for imposition of secondary liability for the sale of real property.

Protection of assets in individual’s bankruptcy proceedings

Representation of the beneficiary of a banking holding in the bankruptcy proceedings against him in connection with a creditor claim for invalidation of the sales of properties to his relatives.

Bankruptcy proceedings against a bank in Moscow

Defense of the former member of the Board of Directors of a big commercial bank against a secondary liability claim worth RUB 1 bln for approval of a number of deals and credit limits.

Bankruptcy proceedings against a confectionery in Ivanovo (Russia)

Defense of the former general director of a confectionery factory against a claim for non-filing a petition for declaring the factory bankrupt.

Contesting labor compensation payments under the Bankruptcy Law

Defense of former top managers of a big federal bank under financial recovery procedure against the claims for contesting bonuses. These proceedings were among the first proceedings in Russia to contest deals in accordance with the rules set by the Bankruptcy Law.



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